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So today is my birthday and I've turned 20. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about my feelings concerning leaving my teenage years and, not gonna lie, it was a pretty angry post. But today I woke up feeling so immensly grateful and blessed. So I thought I'd have another go at writing this blog post. Yesterday's one was pretty poetic because I was REALLY emotional but I'm afraid this one won't be quite as good haha.

As I leave my teenage years behind I also leave behind all the pain I've felt and the mistakes I've made. But into this new decade I bring all the happy and joyful memories such as passing my driving test and getting into uni. I'm extremely grateful for my family and friends who have stood by me and are still standing by me. Family and friends are soo soo important in our lives, they shape who we are and who we will become. I'm also thankful to God (I'm a Christian for those who don't know) for carrying me all my life and though I've struggled A LOT I've always come out joyful at the end. I want to encourage you guys that no matter what you're going through there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. You may not see it now but think about what you've gone through in the past and how it always seemed terrible in the moment. Those times you struggled are BEHIND you. You got through them, you're still here today.

In my 20s, I'll probably still be incredibly sarcastic and will still laugh at things I shouldn't laugh at or laugh at all the wrong times. I'll probably still continue to chase my passions like a headless chicken because the truth is that I still don't know exactly what I want to do or exactly where I'm going to be. I will live with an open mind and heart learning and learning and learning as I go on. I'll mess up and I'll make mistakes but when I fall, I'll get up. Each and every time.

Thanks to each and every one of you who read my blog posts!


-JVA x

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Primary Colours

As a black woman, I constantly get told to "wear more colour". Being a lover of black, white, and grey, this idea did not come easy to me. A few weeks ago, the phrase "you should wear more colour" became more and more frequent to the point where I bought an item of clothing in the colour yellow  (a colour I had not worn since I was 13), just to get everyone to stop telling me to wear colour. So I bought it and...I loved it. I instantly saw that everyone was right. I saw that colour not only complimented my skin tone, but made me feel good about myself too. It empowered me and quite literally brightened my day. Of course I know that not all colours suit me but I thought I'd start with primary colours.
For this blog post I wanted to inspire you to wear more colours because it really does brighten your day. I'm taking it back to the basics.

The colour of the sea and sky. Often associated with depth and stability.

The colour of fire. Often associated with strength, determination, power, and love.


The colour of sunshine. Often associated with happiness, joy, and energy.



The colour of nature & life. Often associated with growth, harmony, freshness, and saftey.

Bardot off-the-shoulder batwing top // Urban Outfitters 





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Getting Party Ready w/ Paperless Post

Summer is here, and I'm sure the party plans are in the works, ready for the big day(s). If there's one thing I love about going to/throwing parties other than the actual party itself, it's receiving/sending cute invitations. Sadly sending a paper invitation in the post is a rarity now.
Using Paperless Post is a good way to share your creative talent using a vast array of online and paper cards. We live in a world where most things are in digital form now, and so Paperless Post are there to provide just that! It certainly got me excited to try out (and create my own) cute designs.
In this post, I will be going through a list of essentials that need to be sorted before the big day from sending out invitations and picking out an outfit to decorating. 

1. Invite people! 
What's the use in throwing a party if no one will be there to enjoy it with you? Decide whether you're inviting a select amount of people or you're going all out and inviting everyone you know. Spice up what would be a boring text message, to sending a decorative online invitation. Below are a few I've been working on.

The website allows you to choose from a wide variety of envelope designs, background colours and to adapt the actual template of an invitation. There's an option for your friends and family to reply to inform you whether or not they can come too.

There's also an app so you can freely work on your amazing designs on the go! Why not send your loved ones a thank you card as well?



The invite will show your guest all the relevant information and will come presented in a lovely animation in which the card comes out of the envelope!

 (I'm actually graduating in two years haha!)

If you're hosting your own event, why not use Paperless Post to create a fun and original invite?

2. Pick out an outfit!
Whether it will be a smart or a casual event, below are a few outfit ideas for this summer season.

2. Decorate!
Make sure you've decided on the theme for the party beforehand. Will it be a sophisticated get together? Will there be loads of banners and balloons? Is it a fun day at the beach or in the park?

A perfect investment because you can use it indoors but also outdoors next to a pool without the worry of water damaging it.


This is something I thought would be a cool idea, why not have a notebook lying around so that friends and family can write a lovely little message to you?


And last but not least, get an instant camera to capture all the little moments!

*Post published in collaboration with Paperless Post



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